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Our moccs :

%100 cotton inner lined.

does not make sweat or catch cold, suitable for all seasons.

non-slippery sole; it prevents babies from slipping on parquet, carpet, tiles and watery floor.

are made of stain resistant cotton fabric.

subjected to azo and phytalate testing.

can be easily worn and removed.

fully washable and also allows babies’ feet to breathe.


The shoes that babies wear from the moment they are born to the moment they walk should have a soft sole and be able to take the shape of the foot in every movement. Foot health starts from the moment they are born.

While the babies take their first steps with milk&black®, their little feet will not get cold in winter, and they will not experience sweating problems in summer.

milk&black® wishes peaceful, comfortable, warm, healthy, trendy and safe first steps

No carcinogenic azo dye was used to paint our fabrics